Accurate Translation,
Valuable Patent

Nowadays, having intellectual properties is a significant factor for countries and companies to have a competitive edge in the globalized world of borderless competition.

Especially, leading multinational companies are increasing their efforts in obtaining patents to survive in the dynamic and competitive business environment. In recognition of this fact, the KOREA INSTITUTE OF PATENT TRANSLATION (KIPT) asserts that translation is the key factor in protecting patent rights effectively inside and outside of the respective countries.

We devote our time and resources in training translation professionals and enhancing the quality of patent translation with the motto “Accurate Translation, Valuable Patent.” Further, we do our best to break the low-price-low-quality vicious circle in the translation business in order to improve the treatment and rights of translators.

To this end, our mission and commitment are to research patent translation based on Korean patent law and examination practice, train patent translation professionals, build translation memory, and develop translation systems.

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